In Shalom Care, we build relationship with professionalism. We personalize your care services through working with you, your next of kin, your social worker and other professionals involved in your care.

When you call us, we make an appointment with you to see you. We will sit down with you and with your active participation,  get to know what your needs are then work out how to meet these needs. A Care plan on how to go about meeting the needs will be set up the way you want it. Your care worker will be introduced to you and the care services will commence on the agreed date. Regular review of your care plan will be be done by the Care Manager to ensure it remains relevant to your current needs.

Records of the care worker visits will be kept in your home and be made accessible. Likewise your care plan and other information documents about Shalom Care.

Complaints are encouraged to be made to the office when they arise, the Care Manager will deal with them with immediate effect while the procedure and outcome will be documented.

Our priority is your satisfaction with the way we provide your care services.

We look forward to going into partnership with you.

Contact us for discussions on how we can assist you or your loved ones.